Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Souffle and Plantain

Had a quiet Memorial Day.
Jet and Matthew came after lunch and I prepared Cheese Onion Souffle for snack. Was thinking of serving it with Nacho cheese but found out I've run out of it. But I discovered that souffle was good with microwaved plantain.


Heart of Rachel said...

Matthew is so adorable. I love his chubby cheeks and cute smile.

That Cheese Onion Souffle looks good. Is it hard to do?

SexyMom said...

you must have enjoyed relaxing during your quiet memorial day. snacks look delicious, and baby looks oh so happy and contented.

SASSY MOM said...

Oh, how i love to touch those cheeks! Sooo cute!

That Souffle looks so yummy ... Im sure my kids would love that. Mind sharing the recipe?


Yvonne Russell said...

You're teasing us again... a yummy pic and no recipe. LOL.

I definitely would like to make this too.

Maybe we can have a virtual feast one day with all your readers around the world each cooking one of your recipes. :)