Thursday, May 17, 2007

RED Doing the Samba on the Road

He darted into my lane without signal I almost hit him on his left rear side. The pick-up looked small atop four humungous tires the driver must have felt like he was atop the Eiffel Tower looking down at the city of Paris! That's when I woke up from my reverie while listening to the featured song at KOST's Story Behind the Song. I'm glad my brakes are all working fine. Then Red, that's what I'll call the car, got impatient and darted to the right lane. I didn't change my speed cuz intuition told me Red would come back to my lane. And I was right! The right lane had a gap, the car in front of Red was rather slow for Red's taste, so Red darted once more to the right lane, then to the next right. But there was a big truck that changed toward Red's new lane so Red was slowed on his track. It was easy to spot Red in the traffic because of the tires and also, Red's color was metallic red. Parallelwise, Red was just a car ahead of me. I could sense Red's impatience because the driver would turn Red's tire abruptly to the left and back, to the right and back. Suddenly, Red zoomed to the slowest lane I thought he was going to make his exit. There must have been an opening cuz Red's car was going much ahead, still on the rightmost lane. I went back to my music station. Then, there was Red again in the lane to my immediate right. I stepped a little harder on my gas so there was no way Red could cut me again. No way, I thought to myself. Traffic on Red's lane got slower, Red seemed smalller and smaller behind the other cars. Then I couldn't see Red anymore. Hey, Red will you make my morning drive exciting again tomorrow?

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