Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy, busy, busy. That's the only way I can describe my last week-end. Saturday: In the morning, cancelled my medical appointment. Jacob's mom was to be a godmother to a baby girl while his dad was meeting with his ninang and another teacher for a group-study session so Ed and I had to go with Jacob to his soccer practice. It was Jacob's last day. He had his 3 minutes in the limelight as he footsied his ball to the goal all by himself. Clap, clap, clap from all the moms and grannies that were there. Clap, clap, clap some more for the other 4-5-year-olds who had their own individual turns. In the afternoon, attended the baptismal party. Had fun eating, playing mahjong, karaoke-ing, talking. Stayed till midnight. When we got home, had to fold the clothes from the morning's laundry that I left on the bed. Purposely left everything on the bed so I would have no choice but to fold or hang each piece, or else, bye-bye laundry, till next week! What would have been worse was I would have nothing to sleep on! Sunday: After breakfast, took Kirby to the airport on his way back to Stockton after which we proceeded to Paramount to visit Manong Fred. Manong, besides being a very good friend, is a father figure to all of us who had been from Nigeria. In 1987, he figured in a car accident and had to be operated on his head because of a clot at the base of his neck. Then after a few years he had another operation, this time with his heart then after a year another trip to the operating table because of some ulcers in his aesophagus. Inspite of all those operations he never slowed down in what he loves doing - carpentry, masonry, taking care of his grandchildren, gardening - you name it, he does it. But this trip he had two weeks ago made us all nervous. He was in bed for more than a week! We thought that was very unusual. Then, we learned he forced himself to stand and walk. So, we paid him a visit to celebrate his new life (as his wife calls it). On our way back home, we passed by COSTCO for some fillers to our balikbayan box. Then, from the eleven o'clock news I learned that a suspicious fire had gutted the auditorium of my school! Thank God nobody was hurt. This morning, I wanted to see the damage for myself, but I have to be at the Awards Ceremony with Julie. She received a scholarship towards tuition to a local college. Hooray to her!!!


Nancze said...

Hi Princess, Your week was as busy as mine it seems. I have been on the go so much lately which is unusual for me. We're having a very cool and windy night and I am chilled. We've certainly had a spring this year. I'd forgotten what it is like not to be burning up in May. lol. Love and ~hugs~

Anonymous said...

Your student has a great teacher! You know what they say, learning is so much easier when you have a great teacher.

It does seem like the weekends are never enough!

Take care Ninang!!

julie said...

I put clothes that need to be folded on the bed too! Though not much now because we have been going to the laundry shop, saves time, electricity, soap, energy and a whole lotta things. Sobra naman na po if I still have to do laundry on days that I am not busy. Takes time away from the children (as well as blogging, hahaha!). :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! I've been absent lately because I've been hooked on Prison Break. I just love that series to the point of not opening my PC for two days.

Congrats to Jacob for that goal. What a great achievement!

Glad nobody got hurt from the fire.

Congrats to Julie and to you (her great teacher) for a job well done!