Monday, May 14, 2007

He is a Soldier

This is Victor. He is a soldier. He was fighting in Iraq but had to come home because of a back injury. He came to visit me during the last Parents Conference Day. We talked about many things including where he was seated when he was my student, his family, his love life, the muslim people he'd met, etc. But what I will always remember about our conversation are his thoughts about the war and the "thrill" he gets when he is in the war zone!

Victor reminded me that he was included in my 1997 roster. His younger brother, Jonathan, was in my 2002 class (him I still remember) and the youngest, Christopher, is currently my student.


Heart of Rachel said...

It must feel wonderful when previous students take time to visit you and share major events in their lives.

Princess said...

Yes, Rachel. I call it one of the perks of teaching.