Saturday, May 12, 2007

My take on Chilaquiles

Ed will be home any minute and I haven't prepared anything for breakfast yet. The refrigerator! Hmmmnn.... corn tortillas, cheese, eggs and, and, and voila!!! Mexican chorizo! Perfect. Everytime the students prepare this dish, my mouth gets so wet I feel like licking the spoon they stir their recipe with. I am talking about Chilaquiles. (I tried to look for the exact meaning of the recipe and I found different versions, so I leave it all up to you to find your own favorite.) The aroma always fill the whole building some teachers stick their necks at my door to ask what we're up to. The spices in the chorizo is like perfume in the air. You know what it is and yet you don't. The recipe is very simple: Cut up 8 corn tortillas into small pieces and fry until crisp and golden brown. Meanwhile, in another pan, fry approximately 1 cup of chorizo until most of the fat had been extracted. (You may drain the extra fat). Beat four eggs and add to the chorizo Stir in 2 cups of grated cheese until melted. I used mild cheddar (Monterey Jack or Mozzarella are good choices, too). Add 3/4 of the fried tortilla chips. Blend well. Serve with either red or green salsa and the rest of the chips. Bon appetit!

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Heart of Rachel said...

That looks really good. I better show it to Jules. :)