Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Immigrants Walk

Today, May 1st - Labor Day, makes me wonder.... how many of my students will be coming to my classes? Yesterday, I told them that today will be a Latin Food Day. Did I convince them enough to go to school instead of marching to City Hall? 12:30 update I believe I did, so now the smell of roasting corn tortillas and carne mollidas frying in cumino and other latin spices will be with me the whole day! But I am not complaining. I don't mind, don't mind at all!!! Which reminds me - I still have one period to go. I better hit the loo before the bell rings!

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Heart of Rachel said...

I could imagine the great aroma in the air. Lunch is just a few hours away. I wonder what Jules will be cooking in a while. We had Chicken Ala King yesterday.