Thursday, May 31, 2007

Testing, Testing, Testing

This week is all about the California Standards Tests. For the last four days, grades 9-11 students had been sitting it out for no less than 2 hours to prove that they have met the standards set up by the State of California re their proficiency in the English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and History. While before they used to finish a 70-minute test in 15 minutes, now they seem to take more time on each question. I take it as a good sign of years and things to come for them and for the school. Julie and her clubmates are busy preparing goodies for the Food Fair tomorrow. They're saving for a dinner at Benihana. Learned that Jacob's two front teeth were extracted last weekend. I'm dying to see how he looks now. I better start teaching him that Christmas song.

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JohnnyO said...

Hi - Thanks so much for reading my blog - I am glad you enjoyed it. I got a chance to read yours as well - it is wonderful to see other parents (and grandparents) so excited (like I am) about our kids. Keep writing!