Sunday, May 13, 2007

It Came and Went

Mother's day came and went but left memories to fill my heart. Yesterday, Patrick took his Dad and me to the park for a picnic with his family. Dondon and Paolo's families were there and reserved a very nice spot for all of us. On the way home, Patrick whispered to me that that quality time we spent together in the park is his mother's day gift to me because his car needs to be taken to the shop. Got the message loud and clear, Patrick. Just to let you know, being with my grandsons, Jacob and Joshua, was already a mother's day gift beyond compare. Early this morning, we celebrated Matthew's dedication to the Lord at his parents' church. This time I received a bouquet of flowers from Jet. Sweet! When we reached home, there was a gift on the dining table from Lester and Rachelle, then received a call that they couldn't wait cuz Rachelle wasn't feeling well. I was disappointed, of course. But what can a mom do? Move on so as not to spoil her day, oh yeah? After reading the Sunday papers we went to my mom-in-law who, according to my sis-in-law, was already threatening not to talk to Ed if he wouldn't come. She's 84. We enjoyed the lunch that she lovingly prepared. To complete the day, we visited a department store and bought some gifts to bring on our trip to Batangas. But wait - there's a bouquet of flowers and a balloon on our doorstep. They're from Hazel, Kirby's special girl. Oh, what a mother's day!!! Now........ back to reality. Tomorrow is Monday!!!! PS: Patrick came at about 7:30 pm and took us to a late Mother's Day dinner. Said it's their treat for Mylynn's mom and me. (Have resigned to the fact that they wouldn't, anymore) . Another surprising postscript to another special Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Mother's day Ninang! I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday!

Yes, I will do my best to blog more often!

Thank you for your comments on my pictures. I am still working on it!

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Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day celebration. Yohan greeted me Happy Mother's Day and hearing him say it clearly this time was a wonderful gift by itself.

Wow, Hazel is a sweet girl. Hope Kirby will find true happiness.