Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweets for the Sweet Tooth

"Want to come with me?" hubby asked.
"Where?" I asked back.
"I need some greens for the salad."
"Oh, no. Just go by yourself. You can, can't you?"
Hubby knows very well why our conversation goes that way. He knows that if I went with him we would end up with more than greens in our basket. And he knows too that he can bet his life on it that I did I would visit the candy shelves first before the special item on our market list.
My favorite among the sweets spread out on any supermarket shelf would be anything with chocolate, nuts, and caramel. If peanut butter is added then it will definitely be in the basket.
Rock Candy is another hypnotic item for me especially if it contains orangey or lemony flavors. Letting the candy melt slowly in my mouth is simply heavenly. But I also love biting and chewing into a Hard Candy just so I can have my hand into a new one sooner. While we don't usually stock up on candies in our pantry, we do buy bulk candy during halloween time. Kids in our neighborhood already know of our "generosity" I would often notice some making that second round, which we didn't mind but rather found amusing.
Candies with chocolate, caramel, nuts and peanut butter? If you have those, remember me, please.

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