Monday, February 09, 2009

Peace of Mind

I woke up at the usual time. Then I took a quick shower, had a banana and coffee so I could take my daily medicine. I thought I still had time to listen to the weather report and had my car filled up in the nearby gas station. Then I was off to work.
I found the traffic to be OK that morning. In fact I still had a few minutes to spare before signing in in the Main Office. As I was climbing the stairs to my classroom, I felt uneasy. Before sitting down at my desk, I drank half a glass of water thinking it would make me feel better. I couldn't point my finger to what I was feeling or what was happening to me. I thought I was going to throw up so I called our secretary. She sent one of our assistant principals who suggested we call 911. Even as I was thinking of my classes for that day I said yes. I was taken to the emergency room of the nearest hospital where I underwent some testing after which they took me to my healthcare provider's hospital which happens to be with the Kaiser Permanente California. My doctors released me from the hospital only after they were sure that I was OK and that I knew the cause of my problem and that I understood what I needed to do so I will stay healthy. They also made me promise that I would call them for any questions I may have regarding my health.
Have you, or any member in your family, postponed going to a health provider because you thought you couldn't afford it? Or, have you put on hold your consultation with a healthcare professional because you were not sure you can trust him with what ails you? You are not alone. But there is help available to you. Give Kaiser Permanente Colorado a visit and see for yourself. There is a healthcare plan that will fit your health needs. Professionals are ready to answer your questions right away (Yes, they have a chat room) even as you are cruising through your possible choices.
If you happen to be in the area, go to Kaiser Permanente Georgia and have your peace of mind.

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