Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drink and be merry .....

Thinking of how to celebrate in style? Do you want your guests to remember your party or that special event you will host? By all means make the drinks do the work. Start with
Chocolate Martini,
2 oz. Vodka
1 ½ oz. Crème de Cacao
Piece of chocolate for garnish
Coat the rim with powdered Cocoa

truly a fusion drink of vodka and cacao creme. Hmmmm, doesn't that sound, or should I say taste, interesting already? Or, are you into adding subtle colors in your drink? Then have some pomegranate in it, like in:

Pomegranate Martini
1 oz. Vodka
½ oz. orange liqueur
3 oz. Pomegranate Juice .

And for that final kick, have a glass of
"Cosmojio" from Jim Lee’s Starlight Room
White Rum
Simple Syrup
Lime Juice
Mint Leaf for Garnish .
You can have all these, and more, and you will not regret if you'll give Dallas catering a chance to serve your party needs.


Roger said...

Happy Valentines to you!

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Valentine's Day. Those are interesting drinks. I wanted to have a frozen margarita when I had dinner with the family last Valentine's Day but I had to refrain from ordering one because of my cough. Oh well, there's always a next time.