Thursday, February 05, 2009

Glad We Did

As we were waiting for our favorite show to start, hubby and I decided to have our dinner first. Midway through our "date" we heard a pop - a sound similar to that of a light bulb breaking. At first we thought it was from outside but when we were ready to finally watch our program the TV was all black. But the sound was on. We tinkered with the remote. Nothing. That's when we settled for our nineteen-incher.
When we bought our plasma TV three years ago, we were unsure of whether to get an extended warranty on it or not. We couldn't be any happier we did. Now we have a brand new LCD TV, same size inch by inch, but from an A-1 manufacturer. And we didn't have to pay anything.

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Heart of Rachel said...

It's good that you availed of the extended warranty.