Monday, February 02, 2009

Eco-friendly Relaxing

I still remember our first living room set.
A friend didn't like the set that her husband bought for her so she asked me if I wanted to have it instead. For the discount she offered I said yes even before she finished her sentence. It was a set with settee and two single-seaters plus two side tables and a glass topped coffee table. The cushions, very seventies, were pleasingly plump, thick and wide. (Three years later we re-upholstered the set with mustard yellow linen material). What attracted me most enough to buy the set were the robust, undulating rattan legs and arms and back rests. They looked so hardy and strong yet cuddly.
Three kids and forty years later, the set is still around. One of my sisters repainted and reupholstered it one more time and is now using the set in one of her patios. Seeing the pieces in pictures that my sister sent me brings back memories of those early years not only of our married life but of those of our children's growing years.
Conservatory Furniture heightened those nostalgic feelings even more. The company offers a wide range of designs for their living room and dining sets. You can even download their product/company brochure and be more informed about their collection of designs (which are very "today"), fabric samples, showrooms, financial choices and product care. One thing that any homemaker will find very practical is their use of removable covers so those can be dry cleaned.
Wish I had that luxury before my kids were potty trained!
And more than anything else, I believe there is no other eco-friendlier product than this.

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