Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life Changes

Hubby would just nod and smile each time I would tell him how much I'd prefer to go before him. I've been cuddling in my thought that if ever one of us had to go it would be me first. I had been so sure in that thought and so comfortable in relying on him for almost everything until ......
This morning we had to wake up early because he had an early morning appointment with his opthalmologist. While he was in the examination room I couldn't help but think of how our lives have changed, or interchanged. He used to drive me to my appointments. These last four weeks, I have been doing the driving around for him and the funny thing about it is I really can do it! Ah, I am grateful I still can do it!

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Heart of Rachel said...

I can relate to this. I've also expressed how I would like to go before Jules. He is my strength and inspiration in everything I do. I would be at loss without him.