Thursday, February 05, 2009


I always look forward to my birthday and wedding anniversary. My friends and relatives try every skill and talent to surprise me but each time someone would accidentally spill the beans, so everything has become so predictable. Next time, this is how I would like it to be......
My choice for a theme is an ocean cruise. My invitations will be done on an ocean green linen paper with the letters embossed. Tropical fishes and sea shells will decorate the edges and enclosed in an envelope that is shaped like a cruise ship. The same design must be carried out on the menu and place cards. For the menu, I will choose from a selection of sea food - fish, shellfish, abalone and sea weeds. The buffet table must also be a picture of what islands are rich of in terms of produce - pineapple, coconuts, berries, papaya, island veggies, etc. And of course, orchids at the center of each of the guest table that is covered with sateen in sand color. And for dessert, I like tiers and tiers of mini cupcakes flavored with tropical fruit essences and frosted in rainbow colors. The sound of water, whether that of rain, fountain, river or creek, must also be audibly soft to every guest. And let's not forget entertainment - every kid and adult will enjoy his own brand of music. One thing though, no alcohol.
If I didn't have the privilege of having such 50th birthday ideas years ago, I am sure I can have those now for our 50th wedding anniversary.

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