Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Do, I Do, I Do

What was that very first thing you thought about when he asked you to marry him, beside the YES that had been at the tip of your tongue all along?
For me it was not the dress nor the reception but the ring. I knew I wouldn't get an engagement ring so, in my mind, I had been playing that image of our ring bearer handing my hubby an engagement-wedding ring set to slide through my ring finger. As soon as we were sure there would be no oppositions to our plans we headed to find our dream Wedding Rings, which, during my time, in my place and of my hubby's ability to pay, was either yellow or white gold only. Adding diamonds was even a big question of "can we or can't we?"
How different it would be if the choosing is of today. I will be opting for the newest, most long lasting material like those black titanium rings so that no matter how many dish washings I may do my ring will still look as brilliant and flawless every day. The material can take handling so in-laying of extra precious stones for added style will not be a problem.
On the other hand I might choose from a selection of a tungsten carbide rings because of its great scratch-proof quality. Then, I might even be able to squeeze hubby's hands for a necklace and/or bracelet.

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