Tuesday, July 29, 2008

potpourri of emotions

The last five days had been a potpourri of emotions for me. High and lows, and some in-betweens. The highs included the excitement of seeing a first cousin of my mom who was celebrating her 87th birthday last Saturday. I got this unexpected call from her and while she was explaining to me our relationship I was picturing my mom in my mind. Any news that has any link to her stirs that acidic juice inside me. I lost my mom when my memory skills were not honed yet and there are only one or two pictures (from relatives) that are of no help if I wanted to remember anything connected with her. So listening to Tia Nena was like an elixir to me. I couldn't wait for that Saturday to come. And when it finally arrived, I wasn't disappointed. Although we didn't have the time for more story telling, seeing her was like seeing mom, my Inay. And I will make sure that we see each other again so I can hear and "see" more.
Sunday was the exact opposite. I woke up with this uneasy feeling. We were to go to another birthday celebration so I thought to myself that that being a Sunday, maybe I just didn't want to really go. But when I was in the car on our way to San Pedro to pick up my MIL and a BIL, I knew something was really wrong. As soon as we reached San Pedro, I requested hubby to look for anything that would make me feel better. At the party, I felt whoozy so I just lay down while they enjoyed the lunch and the game of mah johng. I must have dozed for a while making me feel better as the evening approached. As soon as we reached home, I got ready for bed and hit the sack, literally and figuratively!
Yesterday i still wasn't feeling good enough to use my computer.
Today, Jacob and Joshua would like their Lolo and me to take them to Jollibee and I think I am up to their challenge.
And I have nothing but gratitude to flu pills! (chuckle)


Grammie said...

So sorry that you took ill, Princess! I hope that you continue to feel better!

Thanks for your visits to my blog... : )

Princess said...

Thanks, Grammie. I am feeling much better now enough to take my grandsons to the mall.
Love visiting you.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had flu. I hope that you're feeling much better now.

The extreme weather changes here are making a lot of people sick. We're taking higher doses of Vitamin C for more protection.