Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bill Management

Twenty years ago all I had in mind was to have a job that will let me and my husband support our three sons, afford the monthly mortgage to a house we owned, have enough food on the table and be able to go with our friends on vacation trips. After getting the jobs we wanted, we bought a house but had to foresake some of our vacation plans. We updated the house, bought more items on credit until that time when bills started to rule over us. Husband and I decided we had to ask for help so we could go into a debt consolidation process.
Had I taken a Bills IQ test then, I would have failed.
I just took a test on how financially fit I am a while ago and I got a score equivalent to a B. I consider it good and it makes me feel good. I may not be perfectly financially fit but I learned that personal financial management really helps especially now that I am considering retirement. I still have time to save for that retirement nest.
I will encourage everyone, especially the younger ones, to find out their Bills IQ. If the score is on the A level, you will just need a little tweaking when it comes to say, saving that salary upgrade, or, if it is below A, then think hard on what you can still do to increase your score because it will only mean a happy, peaceful and enjoyable retirement years.

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