Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On the third day ....

7 am
On this third day of the workshop, with three other participants, we are going to do a filmed news report. It will be real fun.
12 noon
We've just finished filming our newscast on identity theft. I happen to be the reporter on the field who interviews a famous victim. One of our younger members is doing the editing. I wonder how it will come out and most of all, how I will come out on film!!! I kidded our photographer to place Madonna's head on mine, instead!
4 pm
T'was a very productive day. Digital natives vs. Digital immigrants was very evident in the way the assignment was approached and done. Although we won't see the finished project till tomorrow, I know. The natives, those who were born into the digital age, had all possible gadgets embedded in their work, while my group, which is composed of immigrants (those who are trying hard to catch up with the natives), had very limited innovative moves!
Well, that is the very reason why I am in this workshop: to do some catching up.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Digital natives vs. Digital immigrants ... I like your creative use of words. Have fun at the workshop.