Monday, July 07, 2008

Lunch Break

I am currently on my lunch break on the first day of a 5-day computer workshop. The workshop is about integrating technology in the classroom. I always look for workshops like this because I like so much to really try using computers more in my classroom. My very big problem, though, is where to place the computers so that the students and I can use those to our advantage. Another problem is how to keep one, even just one, working all the time. I used to have three but the placement was such that that I couldn't monitor which sites the students were trying to sneak on so I had to return the sets. Besides, new commercial refrigerator and freezer came in that left no room for them. The latest blow was when another teacher used the classroom during my summer break and when I came back I couldn't log in to the only computer in the room without questionable pictures popping in first!
Our first exercise is quite interesting. Creating a standard based lesson using an easy to manage template. My only wish and hope is that I can apply it when I start classes in September.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Enjoy the seminar. Hope you learn a lot of new and interesting things. Take care!