Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hey, Mom, Dad! Look what I got from Santa!

What child doesn't look forward to Christmas? And what parent doesn't use Santa Claus as a bait to make a child behave especially during those busy months before Christmas?
As a child growing up, my image of Christmas is none other than that of an old smiling man with bulging tummy in his red red suit and his white beard moving with the air that comes from his mouth as he bellows his HO HO HOs.
Next to this image is the same man with a large sack full of gifts intended only for the good children. Bad ones can get some left-overs, if ever there would be any!
Half of the year my grandkids know they had to be extra good so they would have the chance to receive the gifts they've been dreaming of. Those who have started to read and write start composing letters, too.
What child would not be thrilled to get a return Letter from Santa mentioning that he is receiving the letter because he had been on Santa's Nice List? And what parent, or grandparent, wouldn't smile seeing the same child gape in awe as he/she reads (or the parent reads to him/her) Santa's mentioning his favorites like food, game, toy or pet or friend? Just try telling him there's no Santa Claus!
And don't be surprised if the following morning he runs around his neighborhood to ask who received Letters from Santa like he did!
For the older children who still believe in Santa, it will surely be a thrill to see in the mailbox a package in red with his or her name on it showing Santa's North Pole address complete with Santa's stamp and seal! Listen as the child reads the letter enthusiastically and watch the glow in the same child's face as his/her favorite things are mentioned and of him/her being a nice and good child is being acknowledged by no less than Mr. Santa Claus.
Moms and Dads, start your children to write those Dear Santa Letters and be ready for the shouts of glee and looks of surprises as they open their own letter from Santa.
You may even suggest to their teachers to make it as part of a homework assignment. That will mean at least one homework-free day for you!

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Heart of Rachel said...

Half of the year has gone by so fast. Before we know it, Christmas will be here soon.