Thursday, July 03, 2008

On the Road Again,

Our friend, Gloria, invited hubby and me to join her in visiting her son, also our Godson , in North Carolina. We flew in on Monday, just in time for dinner. Slept like a log. Tuesday, he gave us a tour of Camp Lejeune. Met his special girl, too.
Yesterday we drove to Georgia to visit one of her nieces. I'd say it was the longest road trip I had ever had I thought the wooded roads would never end! But i truly enjoyed the greenery that led and followed us.
Glad I am able to use my laptop now. I couldn't at the hotel. Unfortunately, I forgot my cables so I couldn't download any pictures, yet.
Today, we will be visiting an island (I forgot the name). Will update you when we come back.

1 comment:

Heart of Rachel said...

Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to those photos.

When you get back, I have a tag waiting for you.

Take care!