Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Under My Roof

Traveling is one of my passions, whether it be simply walking around the corners of my city or going overseas. One thing that is always embedded in my cache of memories whenever I travel is the rooftops of houses and buildings as the plane approaches airports. There are rooftops that spell affluence, and there are rooftops that announce the need of the owners.

Whenever I pass by a house, the first thing that catches my eyes are the roofs. One type of roofing that appeals to me is the brick tiles. I love the red-orange color. It somehow connotes the feeling of happiness. Maybe because the color reflects the brightness of the sun. I also look at how the materials had been placed or attached. Were the tiles neatly placed? How secured were they attached? Was there any loose or chipped tile? And what about the color, does it match the sidings and the rest of the house? Does the whole roof add quality to the whole appearance of the house? I also took note of whether leaves that were blown stayed on the roof (after all, leaves can rot, can't they?)
From the roof come the sidings. Are they aligned, uniform and pleasing to the eyes? Then the doors and windows. Do they balance the whole house? Do they say "Come on in, you are safe here?"

If you are in the process of buying a house, or remodeling one, then maybe you would like to explore GAF Roofing options! The company backs up the quality of their designs that will help maximize the visual appeal of your house. If you want a natural wood looking shingles, or maybe a stone look, they can supply those from any of the numerous factories around North America.
The company also stands by the performance of their building products proof of which is the inclusion of exceptional warranty provision because they can assure any buyer that their products can equal, if not exceed, the industry standards. That means they are sure of their products' longevity.
Another thing that the company is known for is giving the customer the pledge that their product is of the best quality. And how do they do this? Just like a university, the company is continuously researching on how their products can be made better than what they are right now.
Just look at the picture. Doesn't it say "Get me if you want beauty, quality and performance."

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Heart of Rachel said...

Talking about roofing, I need to have ours repainted this summer. :)