Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today is my very dear friend Gloria's birthday, shown here with my grandson, Matthew. (Sorry, Mare, I couldn't find a solo.) I greeted you yesterday because I was afraid I might forget to do so today. But at three o'clock this morning (yes, 3:00 am!) I was awakened with the thought that I haven't greeted you on my blog!

Happy, happy birthday to you and a strong wish for many, many, many more.

On this your special day I want you to know that I feel so blessed to have found a friend in you. Not only are you a friend but also a sister and a mentor. I've learned so much from you when it comes to dealing with life's uncertainties, and you may be much younger than me but you always make me feel like I have my elder sister beside me especially when we are in an unfamiliar territory.
Have a great, wonderful, joyful day, my friend.


Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to your dear friend Gloria. She has the same name as my mom.

Princess said...

That is a nice coincidence, don't you think so?