Monday, April 07, 2008

Another good Monday!

Good news greeted me this morning.
There was good news only from the sub.
First period went by without any hitch.
Demonstrations for every period went well and on time.
Students were enthusiastic. No one went to sleep considering it is a Monday morning!
Had some volunteers to clean after my demos.
Almost everybody accepted the idea that any cake mix can be made nutritious if grated vegetables are added, yes, you're reading it right - vegetables. (I added unpeeled zucchini and carrots and apples).
All, and I really mean all, students found the muffins great after all!

Now, what may tomorrow bring?

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Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Tita Prency. I'm back from our short trip.

I'm glad your week started out right. Wishing you many more wonderful days ahead.