Sunday, April 06, 2008

Aahhhhh, Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Our friends, Glo and William, invited my hubby and me to play mahjong with them last night. We were there in time for lunch, then played until one o'clock this morning. (Yes, that is how engaging this game is!)
I was surprised that I woke up feeling excited inspite of the late (or is it early) bedtime. What surprised me more was hubby getting up to my call without any sign of hesitation or complaint.
He made breakfast while I started reading the Sunday papers. Well, I had that privilege after I kidded him I dreamt of his favorite aubergine omellette.
Smart move, eh?
After breakfast I offered to do the dishes. That's when I got in the mood for organizing the kitchen counters and cabinets as well. I felt so accomplished afterwards.
After all, isn't it Sunday today?

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