Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pizza Toronto

Ever wondered how a Canadian pizza tastes like?
Wonder no more.
Pizza Toronto, one of the very first franchisees to Hot and Fresh Pizza Pizza, a pizza chain that is based in Canada, is one stepping point to experiencing one. Looking at the menu, I thought it has one of the most customer-friendly offerings in terms of nutritional content, eye-appeal and cost. The variety on their menu list indicates the chain's concern for the health and enjoyment of its customers, as shown by their inclusion of ethnic toppings.
As a teacher in food and nutrition, I always encourage my students to change their eating habits and preferences. I try my best to introduce numerous ingredients and flavors that are healthier and more tasteful. It is quite heartening to note that Hot and Fresh Pizza Pizza is continuously researching for ingredients that will provide the right combination of nutrients on their bread, like their Mediterranean and Hawaiian Pizzas. Additional choices of healthful salads are also on the menu.

This pizza chain has expanded to include Brampton Pizza and London Pizza in Britain.
Interested in opening a pizza restaurant of your own? Act now.
By the way, still wondering how it may taste? Go place your order online.

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