Thursday, April 03, 2008

Any Tear Can be Mended

Our phone ringing was the last sound I would like to hear. Every time it did I would either freeze or jump from my seat. Could it be that guy again, or that company? Yes, my husband and I were so deep in debt that every call meant either someone asking when we were to send our next payment, or that we were not financially qualified for something we applied for. Until that time came when we almost could not buy anything anymore. It was tough time.
Then someone suggested we consulted with a credit counselor. We did and with the counselor's help we were able to make arrangements with the creditors so we could pay what we owed them based on our ability to do so. Many of our creditors were willing enough to help put us back on track by cutting off portions of the original charges, interests or taxes. It took us almost two years to clear all our bad credit loans. But it was worth the wait.
New credit card offers started coming left and right. We learned to take more time so we could be sure that we would be able to pay back what we would owe before we accepted bad credit credit cards.
Through all these experiences, we learned that there is help available for every problem any one may encounter. You just have to know who to turn to and must have the wisdom to weigh which offer is the better one.
Those tears in your credit history? Those can be mended.

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