Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Love and To Hold

With the advent of technology comes the ease in creating invitations to any affair, whether it be to an informal picnic or a formal sit-down dinner for a debut or quincenera.
I remember when one of our sons got married, my to be daughter-in-law spent sleepless nights designing her own invitations. By my standard it was already easy because she used a ready-to-install program that included a kit with envelopes and papers that she would use to create her desired design. But her choices were very limited unless she wanted to install another program, an option of which was out of the question because of budget restrictions. I am very sure that had they seen these choices of Wedding Invitations then, she would have chosen Style W-127 with burgundy lining, because she loves the color burgundy, and the elegance of pearl. And as young romantics, they would surely choose the embossed gazebo. I am very sure of this because they were married in a gazebo which, incidentally, was included in their wedding package. My daughter-in-law would also have had a great time mix-matching styles, fonts, colors, verses that are generously provided.
If ever I will be lucky to enjoy my Golden Wedding Anniversary, my invitation will be W415 with the balloon in GOLD. If I won't be able to fulfill my dream of riding an air balloon before that date, at least I can always pretend to be loving the ride as I hold on to my beloved as we sail in the air balloon that's on my invitation.

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