Saturday, April 05, 2008

How Convincing Are You?

Selling? Not for me.
Every time someone approaches me to sell me something, I have no problem with it. My problem starts when that someone starts convincing me that I can also sell the same product or products even faster than he or she does. That's when things start whirling within my mind: what will I say to a prospective buyer? Do I have that convincing voice, or phrase, or look? Can I remember everything that I need to say about the product? Will I have the time to do it?
With an ecommerce software I think I can.
With it opening up a business will be like going into a vacant room, putting up my own shelves and filling those shelves with goods and products or services that my prospective buyers will be excited to buy. Then I will equip my e-market with a shopping cart software. This software will provide my customers with the baskets or shoppings carts that they will fill up and pay for before leaving my e-store.
Now, isn't that fast and easy?
Wait no more. Go to Ashop Commerce and see for yourselves.

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Nancze said...

Hello Princess! Thank you for stopping by now and then and checking on me. I am doing better. With prayer and such wonderful support from family and friends I am coming out of my depression. It's been a long road, or at least feels like it. I am posting again, at least everyother day is a start. I hope you are doing well. I think you did a wonderful job of handling that young girl in your class, in the previous post. So many children today are so rude and have not learn how to respect their elders and people in authority. I am so glad to see she change and I hope it taught her a valuable lesson. Take care and I'll be by more often, hope to hear from you too. Love and ~hugs~