Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It Is That Time Again

Can't believe 13 days have passed! Really?  It was only 8 days ago when Gabby and Smile wet their feet at the Santa Monica shores, experienced a Chinatown away from home and had a taste of its cuisine, visited a museum where they saw relics of their ancestor's belongings and walked under the "Rock Star"  (remember the levitation rock from Riverside)? and stretched dough for their very own pizza.
My, my, was that a fun weekend or what!!!

Because they don't want to go out most of the time, it gave us more time to exchange stories, and as Gabby calls it.... practice her English.  It was so nice to listen to them talk about their childhood memories with their parents - their trip to the mountains and other cities, considering the very few days they spend time together.  One evening hubby and I noticed that they seemed to be enjoying whatever they were watching on their iPads.  So the following morning I asked them why they were screaming the night before.  That afternoon they introduced  us to their version of our "telenovelas".  Actors were quite good that, simply from their actions, we couldn't hold our laughter even if we didn't understand what they were saying.

Two days ago I noticed they touched their breakfast barely.  Concerned that they might get hungry, I asked why.  They were tactful enough to say that while they enjoy the American food we serve them and appreciate our efforts to feed them, they somehow miss what they are used to eat... noodles and vegetables. So after the spaghetti for dinner,  I prepared noodles with meat and plenty of veggies for breakfast.  They were very happy..... and we were happy (chuckle)!

Smile wanted to buy 2 bottles of sunscreen branded as Water Baby.  She said her mom has been using it in China and believes it costs cheaper if bought here.  Not knowing any better,  we took her to a high end store that sells body beautifying products only to be told that we could buy it in Target instead!  Every time I itch (because of sunburn), Smile would say I needed  Water Baby.  Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of this product and I will surely try it.  A good learning experience, I'd say.  Then we went to a Mall in Chino Hills hoping she would find the bag that her mom wanted her to buy.  No store sells the brand so we ended in another department store where Gabby tried on dresses.  She looked at the tag - Made in China... she didn't buy that one, instead she chose the one that said "made in USA".  Patriotic, eh? (I was surprised to see a RTW dress that is still made here!)

The bag, oh, the bag.  I had to request one of my sons to drive us to South Coast Plaza so we could be sure of getting the special  bag.  From SAE and with his sons in tow, we went.  After they had been waited on, hubby and I told them we would be waiting on the bench outside the store.  Almost an hour-and-a-half passed. Hubby told me I better take a peek at store.  Gabby and Smile were not there!  Oh, don't panic.  Maybe they just went to the nearby specialty store.  15 minutes passed.  Still no sign of them.  Relax, I told myself.  Then after another 15 minutes, Smile came out of the store and gave us a sign that they were inside.  Aaaaah, now I can relax.  When they finally came out, they told hubby and me that because of the prize, the salesgirl, a Chinese lady,  entertained them in a special room and gave Smile some advice on how to bring it to China.  When we got home, she asked if we had a small lock.... to keep the bag safe, no doubt.
I wonder if they even slept last night.
This morning, we saw them off.

Oh, God.  please keep the girl and her bag safe until they have touched down in China and have given the special present to her mom, please!

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