Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Homestay Parenting - highlights...

Concerned that maybe the girls are getting homesick for their own cuisine, one of my daughters-in-law suggested we treat them to a last dinner out.  She selected a restaurant where she noticed waiters and waitresses speak very little English.  As soon as we are seated, the girls are told that tonight they will interpret the menu to us and do the ordering.  They are very excited!  While waiting for the food ( which took a while), DIL engages them in conversation.  She shows them pictures of her favorite Chinese leading men.  I almost thought something serious happened because they both jump out of their seat.  It so happens that that he is also their favorite!  They talk of so many other things, well, you know,  girl talk! lol

Two days ago, the girls asked me if they could open the refrigerator.  "Of course you can.  Go ahead!"  after which they showed me a piece of paper with a list of ingredients.  They told hubby and me that they would cook dinner for us.  We crossed out the ingredients that were available from the list and I bought those that weren't.
They didn't want us to see what they were cooking.  All that we could hear was the clanging of the pans as they chatter away.  They seemed to be enjoying whatever it is they were busy with.  They even set the table, using varied dinnerware.  Finally they called us.  With a big grin, each of them presented their recipes:  Egg Soup, Sauted Vegetables, Noodles with Meat Balls Chinese style, and Sliced Watermelon.  Did I miss two kinds of rice?  Steamed and Fried with all the works.  We all thought it was very very good!

At breakfast this morning, I asked the girls what they will remember most about America.  They agreed that they learned English, for one, and that Mom cook good but Dad cook gooder.   (which I corrected later)..
aawwww, I pretended to be hurt.  
Didn't you tell us, you teach and Dad cooks?
I was appeased!

Oh, Erin and the ice cream!
It was already their third day when we had the time to go for Erin's ice cream! She was so delighted when she saw the array of colors and flavors before her.  She took pictures of all the trimmings and the flavors that one customer couldn't hold her amusement and engaged her in ice-cream talk.  When I told her they spoke little English and that they're here to learn the English language and American culture, she got excited too.  Her son is currently in China  learning the Chinese language.  What a coincidence.  She added that I brought them to the right place.  What could be more American than licking ice cream from a cone on a hot summer afternoon!

On the fly, I prepared arroz caldo  (congee, filipino style) as soup.  To my surprise, Nancy couldn't stop taking seconds, thirds, even fourths!  She kept saying "I like this!  It is delicious!"  Remember that word? lol

Hubby and I wanted to take them to other places but Nancy  wanted to go shopping almost all the time.  "I love shopping" was her mantra every time we pick them up from school.  How can you say no to a girl who spends more time looking for gifts for her family than for herself?

It is sad to see them go.  But glad that they will explore more in their adventure to see the world outside their own.

I console myself in the thought that starting tonight I will be going on another adventure with two new lovable kids from China!

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