Monday, July 23, 2012

Homestay Parenting - the 2nd time around .....

These two girls seem to be  different from the  last  two girls selected to stay with us.  I at once noticed that they are more formal and reserved.  When I asked them if we could hug them they said "of course" and hugged us back ever so lightly.  I could still feel the hesitance, or shyness, or maybe uncertainty of how   to do it.
We went home and went through the routine of showing them their room, the bathroom, etc.  I thought a hot soup would be good so I took them to  Pho noodle place.  They loved what they chose.  We exchanged stories and went home.

Their names are Gabriella and Smile.  We decided to shorten Gabriella's to Gabby.  She didn't complain and even thought it was cool.  Gabby is conversant in English and helps Smile with hers.  She said she spent 15 days in London last year, just like this US tour.  Her family often took her on vacations in the United Kingdom, because her parents thought that was the fastest way for her to learn the language. Both Gabby and Smile's parents are in business. I told them their life is so enviable.  They smiled.  (I think they already know).

I would say they chose their wardrobe differently, too-  from the backpack to their jeans.  If these two are
Country, my first two are more of the Rock-and-Roll. While Nancy and Erin love McDonald, Gabby and Smile prefer KFC.  My first can do without pasta and pizza, the new duo requested me to prepare pizza (after they agreed to help me with the preparation)  and indicated they are used to eating spaghetti, too. While the former would eat anything, the latter are quite choosy.   Gabby and Smile  don't like shopping so much,  Nancy and Erin can shop non-stop! Quite a stark difference, huh?

So, this afternoon, we are all staying at home! 

BTW, would you like to know how they spent their first weekend?  Tune in, lol.

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