Monday, July 16, 2012

Homestay parenting, still...

It was their first day of school.
Got up at 6:30, breakfast @ 7:00, off to school by 7:50.
Picked them up at 3:30.

How was your day?
Did you have fun?
We had fun.
What did you do.
I played the drum.
How about you, Erin?
Did you have lunch?
What did you have?
Pizza and vegetables.
Did you like it?
Uhm... i ... like.... my pizza.   Nancy.... she .... didn't like her.... pizza.
Uh-oh... then you must be very hungry!

It was a very very hot day.  I can just imagine how hungry they must feel so instead of going home we went straight to the closest eatery that came to mind. Lucky us.  A combo of burger steak and a bucket of fried chicken was  their special for that day.

Poor Nancy. She literally dove into her rice bowl, mixed it with the beef sauce and voila....taste of  heaven!  They both enjoyed the Salisbury steak so much they forgot about the chicken!  (of course we brought it home  for dinner).  When it was time to go, they were laughing because they were so full they said they could sleep there til the morrow lol.
When asked if they wanted to go somewhere, maybe the mall, they emphatically shook their heads:  NO. But added that they had fun.  
It was a good day, I told myself.

Later, when called for dinner, they asked to be excused.  They slept through the night skipping dinner!

Before I forget:  Erin told us that her favorite food was ice cream so I told her we would go to the nearby ice cream parlor after lunch.  But she was so filled up she begged to have it some other time. And that is another story..... lol.

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