Sunday, July 15, 2012

Homestay Parenting (con't.)

When we got home, hubby and I showed the girls their bedroom.  We also showed them  how to turn the lampshades on... (the knobs could make a trick sometimes, lol), and the bathroom. Then we left them to themselves and we retreated to the kitchen.  After a few minutes they came out with their gifts to us from their parents. Hubby and I thought it was very sweet of them to do that!  While we were having small talks, I noticed that Nancy can converse in English much better than Erin.  She often translates for, or urges, Erin to speak for herself.  Oftentimes we would run into a word that neither of us could translate and we would end up laughing all together.  (after all, we Pinoys are also English learners, in a way, aren't we?)
We went through the motion of how to use the knobs for hot and cold water, which I noticed  they were silently playing in their minds, before they got ready for their first shower in America!
Before retreating for bed, they said:
"Mom, Dad, thank you and good night."
"Good night, Sweet dreams."

While seated at the breakfast table, we asked them how the breakfast we prepared looked to them.  They chorused:  "Delicious!"  I guess delicious is their favorite term to use when something edible appeals to them lol.   BTW, for their first breakfast we served them:  scrambled eggs,  pan fried spam,  fried rice and OJ.    Oh, if I could only record the look on their faces when they saw the fried rice with corn, peas and carrots!
(For dessert, they can always have mangoes and strawberries and whatever fruit is available)
In the middle of our breakfast, Nancy started laughing.  I asked her why but she couldn't control her laughter.   I told her when she's ready she must  share with us whatever it was.  When she stopped, she said:

"Because, mom, this morning, when Erin woke up she said she ....dreamed of ....plenty of ....watermelons and she .....ate..... a lot."
"Really?" I said, standing from the table to the refrigerator.
"Here.  Take as much as you want.," as I shoved a bowlful of cubed watermelon towards her. "You're lucky because Dad thought of cutting this last night."  (We were really thinking of serving it for dinner.)

 "Please, Lord.  Let there be no tummy accident today!"  I was praying silently as I watched them  took not only one...., two...., three.... but oh,  so much I lost track of counting watermelon cubes!

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