Sunday, July 15, 2012

Introduction to Homestay Parenting ...

When a friend asked me if I should consider taking care of two girls for a week, I readily said,  "Sure, why not!"
So, I filled up an application form, prepared our house for inspection and after a week of waiting we had our two adopted "daughters".... all to ourselves for a week.
The bus finally arrived.  One by one they alighted from the bus. Oh, they were all very young... my guess is no more than 15 years old.... and considering the country they came from, they could even be younger.  I can just imagine what were in their minds as they looked at us, their prospective "parents" for a week!   We were given two lovely girls, aged 13 and 14. They smiled. We smiled and tried to give each a hug but noticed they stiffened when we did so, so off we went in our van that often  had boys only for passengers.
While in the car, we introduced ourselves.  They did, too, and even gave us their American names, Nancy and Erin, and they told us about their families in halting English.
Then ......
Us:  "You must be hungry"
Both:  "Yes.  We are very hungry"
Us:  "What would you like to eat?"
Nancy:  "Uhm... do you have rice?"
Us:  "Yes we do, but because it is a little late now, we will just have some hamburgers.  Would you like hamburgers?"
Both:  "Yes. Yes. We like hamburgers."
An so we went to Macdonalds where they ordered mcnuggets, or should I say, we all ordered mcnuggets!
While eating, we had more questions and answers.  They even took pictures of our "meal." When asked if they enjoyed their "meal" they both agreed it was delicious!
And thus ended  their introduction to their first American dinnertime! lol

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