Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yin/Yang week

This last week was truly hot and cold, ugly and beautiful, sour and sweet for me.
Sunday afternoon was OK, but then, before lunchtime on Monday, I started feeling fluish so I gathered up my courage to request a colleague to please sub for me for my last class. I got my first rejection for the week, but then my students, sensing I wasn't feeling well, were very cooperative. Before the dismissal bell rang, I called my administrator and asked if I could be allowed to leave early, he not only said yes, he even volunteered to call the PM to unlock the gate for me.
I took the next two days off.
When I returned to work I had a soft pretzel recipe for my classes to do. To my amazement, the recipe that I hurriedly printed from the web turned out perfectly!
The students were happy. And I was happy!


Heart of Rachel said...

We've never tried making pretzels at home before. Glad it turned out well.

julie said...

I hope you are ok now, Tita P :)

Princess said...

I'll send you the recipe, Rachel. The students used the same recipe for their pizza crusts and they turned out perfect as well.

I am OK, now, Julie. Thanks for your concern.