Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ah, what a night .....

I woke up in a dream, or so I thought.
It was hubby and he was almost moaning. Woke him up and asked how he was. Said he was OK. But it took a while before he could answer. Ran my hand over his back and my oh my, he was soaking wet. Nudged him to sit on the bed and noticed that he was a bit disoriented. Asked him how he was, and again he said "OK".
I couldn't see him clearly but I felt him stood up to go to the bathroom. I thought it was taking him too long so I followed him. He was just standing in front of the sink. Helped him back to bed.
Because I thought he was already OK, I closed my eyes to catch up on my sleep. But I couldn't. Felt hubby was still awake so asked how he was again. This time I was alarmed cuz his speech was snarled. Remembering what he told me when this same thing happened to him last week, I ran to the kitchen, took a piece of cracker and a glass of water. I propped his head on my arm and slowly he ate and drank. And slowly he was back to his usual self again.


chona said...

hi ninang. hope tito ed's better now. malapit nang pumunta dyan ang mudra! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

We're always praying for Tito Ed. God bless.