Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soaking in Style

I grew up with an uncle who introduced me to movies. He loved cowboy movies so I've watched a lot of which many I really didn't understand the stories of. By the way, there was no censorship then and movies were not rated. I simply loved the idea that here was my chance to see the big city again, ride in a taxicab, and eat my favorite chow mein at my uncle's favorite restaurant. What I couldn't forget about those movies, though, were the puffy, yet tight, and lacy dresses the actresses wore. I would do my breathing exercises as soon as I got home hoping I could make my waistline as small.
Another scenes that I still have visions of are the scenes in bath tubs, whether that of the leading man or woman. I couldn't believe they could get out of that tub without the final rinse!
As I grew up and understood the essence of taking a dip in a tub as against a soak in a river, I started to admire bathtub designs. Tubs with clawfoot never fail to interest me every time hubby and I visit bathroom show rooms. The look rustic and yet full of character. They remind me of historic times. And did you know that now you can avail yourselves of discount clawfoot tubs? You can even choose your own material, style, size and color. Not a bad deal, yeah?
Now, check this out - quality walk in tubs. Yes, walking into your own bath tub, literally and figuratively. This will be a very good item for those who can not lift their legs over the tub edges. No more fear of tumbling over and relocating those knee caps. No more fear of getting that bump or broken hips. You simply walk in, close the air tight door, sit, relax and enjoy!
Tired muscles? How about the whirlpool tubs. Let those jet streams massage and caress and at the same time wake up those sleepy muscles.
If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, now is the time to look at what has to offer. It is a very customer-friendly site. You won't get lost as you cruise around looking for items you are interested in. Not sure you like the first item you looked at? No problem. Arrow back and re-click! Have questions, like your space is too big or too small, possible leaks afterwards, accessories to match your tubs? Don't panic. Their customer service department will always be ready to help and answer whatever questions you may have.


heartbeats said...

Have a great weekend ahead!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Ha ha! I've seen several movie scenes where people just got out of the tub without rinsing. It puzzled me too. :)