Friday, August 08, 2008

Seems like.................

It seems like I have not done, or rather, finished anything this week.
I attended a very engaging professional development workshop for three days and because I had to finish an assignment/project I couldn't squeeze in any blogging time. Right now, I thought I should take a break and post.
I know I had been teaching the way the guideline says, but putting the practice on paper, I am finding out, is a very different thing, especially when very specific requirements are required for every square on the grid. The ideas are in my head but when I read what I had written I am never satisfied so I had to edit and re-edit and re-re-edit which is so frustrating. Could it be a hangover from the way we were trained to think and do such things?
The facilitator instructed us to just write and write and write and to refrain from over thinking. But whenever the time comes to smooth out the details, that's when I get stumped. I asked a colleague how she was and where she was on the assigned work and she told me we were just on the same plane. That was a relief.
Maybe if and when I read my work one more time I will be more satisfied, then I will hit the SEND button as hard and fast as I could!

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