Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Debt Free

All hubby and I wanted was to get out of the apartment and into a house we and our children can call our own. And we did. Our sons were so excited to have their own rooms, and possibly, a dog. No more sleeping on the sofa. No more sudden waking up because somebody's foot was on one's face. And hubby can have his vegetables to grow. It was pure excitement.
Then the un-foreseen started showing up. First I lost my full time job. While I had a second job to fall back on, the assignment would only come sporadically. Then hubby lost his. We started feeling the crunch until we started defaulting on our bills. We started feeling buried in so much credit card debts we couldn't breathe anymore. A Chinese friend, who happened to see our house, told me that it didn't vibrate the right Feng Shui for us and that we had to move out of it if we wanted to improve our financial situation. But how?
We started looking for debt help. Aside from asking help from friends and relatives, we also started consulting with a credit counselor who advised us to talk to our creditors for possible debt settlement plans. We were given assistance on how to consolidate our bills so we could pay our debts within a certain period of time and still leave some amount for our everyday needs. We started tightening our belts.
That was one of the toughest moments in my life as a parent. But hubby and I are so grateful, even up to this moment, because not one of our sons made us feel that we were failing them. Not even once did they ask us for anything that wasn't really necessary. (Maybe that is why, I seem to notice, they play with their children's toys, too.) It took us more than two years to recover.
Don't let your financial problems pull you down. Ask for help.

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