Monday, August 18, 2008

Quite a Wait!

Hubby and I were among the first we almost opened the clinic ourselves. And then we were told we would be squeezed in since we didn't have an appointment. How could that be when I made one and was even reminded to give them a call if ever we would not be able to make it! But I tried to hold my piece since the lady was already writing our names in the roster.
First, we had to wait for some 45 minutes before we were shown into the X-ray room. Oh, my. I counted the number of times the technician told me to "open, bite, don't move, OK", 20 times. I am not kidding. 20 times. I wonder. Why more than the number of teeth I had left? Again, I kept my mouth shut (no pun intended) because everything's on schedule, so far.
While hubby was being X-rayed, I was taken to the dental room. A lady told me what were needed to be done on me and if any, how much I will have to raise. While she was talking I was thinking of our savings for our next vacation. When I nodded my head indicating my agreement to her calculations, she was all smiles. See what being insured can do?
I was prepped for the drilling since the old filling was not good anymore. The dentist told me decay was starting under the filling. Who am I to counter that. After all I am a war baby. Then I was told to wait awhile for the anesthesia to work.
I wonder - where did they took hubby?
After minutes that seemed like hours, the dentist returned and started working on my tooth, the last one, lower left. I had to disturb her a few times because I just couldn't breathe through my nose without swallowing and closing my mouth which for sure disrupted her drilling. Although she had been very gentle, I started panicking because I felt as if I was choking. She stopped and told me to "relax and don't stress yourself." Then she left.
The longer I waited for her the more anxious and nervous I got so I stood up from the dental chair and told her assistant I didn't want anymore, I will just make another appointment. The dentist heard my request and said I would feel the pain once the anesthesia had worn off since she had removed the filling already. I know very well how that would feel so I hesitatingly went back to the "chair". She told me she would be fast. My heart was thump-a-thumping I thought I would pass out! After almost two hours more and another anesthesia shot my tooth had a brand new filling and temporary cap.
Why it took an hour? Hubby told me that the second dentist left so the only dentist had to go from one patient to another (there were quite a number) like somebody doing a do-si-do.

What about hubby's toothy experience? Well that will need another posting. Believe me! Just picture this: we were at the dental office for seven, yes, 7, hours! And I am not kidding!

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Heart of Rachel said...

Oh my, 7 hours at the dentist seem like an ordeal.

I've never been fond of going to the dentist myself.

Good thing today there are pediatric dentists. They are specially trained so that kids won't develop a fear of going to the dentist as they grow older. Yohan's first visit to the dentist was a pleasant one.