Sunday, December 02, 2007

1 to 100 - randomly

I often come across blogs that list 100 things about the author, so to keep my mind off my uncooperative computer, I started playing with what I can list of mine.
And..... I actually had fun doing it. I …….
1. … am an Aquarian.
2. … am an early sleeper and an early riser.
3. … am named after a mountain
4. … still enjoy listening to Pat’s “Love Letters in the Sand”
5. … lost my first pregnancy
6. … never attended a private or secular school,
7. … have three sisters, three sons, three daughters-in-law, three grandsons
8. … hate applying make-up

9. … love ironing clothes but please, don't let me handwash, please....
10. .... am so disorganized, so
11. … spend more time looking for things.
12. … admire, to the point of envy, well organized persons.
13. … taught myself to type after a cousin “fixed” my fingers on the keyboard.
14. … hate slow driving.
15. … insist on punctuality.
16. … prefer waiting to being late.
17. … can’t resist seeing Matt as Jason Bourne,
18. … am intrigued by Mel’s movies.
19. … can plan a day’s schedule as I drive, then
20. … totally forget everything as soon as I alight from the car.
21. … grateful that I am teaching where I am teaching now
22. … am happy of my work schedule.
23. … miss the times when my sons were still little.
24. … like kissing my grandson’s armpits.
25. … don’t mind my grandsons scattering their toys on my kitchen floor,
26. … wish they didn’t scatter their toys as soon as it was time for me to tidy up.
27. … have a friend I can trust with my life,
27. … am blessed with a husband who adjusts to my every mood change,
28. … have had training hours with chefs at Le Cordon Bleu, London,
29. … == CIA in Napa Valley,
30. …== Johnson & Wales, Rhode Island,
31. … == The Art Institutes, Santa Monica, but
32. … am still not a Chef
33. … am still a home econs teacher.
34. … often wish I were with my sisters;
35. … can’t bear the thought of being away from my grandchildren;
36. … often reminisce of those high school years;
36. … had a namesake in high school;
37. … had geometry and algebra for favorite subjects in high school;
38. … thought my physics teacher was “cute”
39. … had geometry and algebra for most hated subjects in college, because
40. … had a “terror” teacher in geometry and algebra in college
41. … still cry everytime I see the movie “An Affair to Remember”
42. … had an adventure trip with my friend Gloria when we
43. … ==drove from CA to AZ, NV, UT, ID, WY, MT, WA, OR, CA on a rented car
44. … still dream of visiting Europe again
45. … would love to explore Ireland and Peru
46. … haven’t been to Australia or New Zealand
47. … have literally circled the globe 5 times
48. … enjoy looking at anything green,
49. … == and greenish
50. … == but without two much yellow
51. … am attracted to yellows and purples
52. … suffer from stage fright
53. … can drive up to 100 mph sans policemen around
54. … listen to soft rock music
55. … == and oldies
56. … == and country music
57. … am a total romantic
58. … used to read three pocket books in a week
59. … haven’t really sat down to read in years.
60. … remember a friend’s birthday weeks and weeks early
61. … forget to greet friends on their birthdays
62. … greet friends way before their birthdays
63. … == so they charge me of making them get older fast.
64. … seldom watch series shows
65. … am impatient to wait for what will happen at the end of a story

66. … don't watch TV so much

67. … will watch any Harrison Ford movie
68. … prefer detective, police and thriller to horror movies
69. … like flowers
70. … == plants and flowers don’t seem to like me
71. … love experimenting with spices and herbs

72. … == that drive hubby quietly crazy

73. … have my son Patrick as a great fan for my experimental cookery

74. … == he praises every recipe I create

74. … == Tulingan and Burong mustasa is my favorite combination
75. … won’t get tired eating the two for days!
76. … don’t like kakanins very much
77. … == except the soury kind.
78. … love dark chocolates (the darker and more bitter, the better for me)
79. … prefer taking pictures to being “pictured”
79. … enjoy photographing landscapes, buildings, flowers and sideways
80. … love taking pictures of my grandsons
81. … have enjoyed the panorama of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, El Capitan
82. … had visited Brussels and Rome four times
83. … lunched at Capri and strolled at Sorrento
83. … had prayed at Lourdes, France with hubby and sons
84. … had toured London, Paris, Austria, Madrid and Lisbon
85. … ==before seeing Chicago, Arizona and Los Angeles
86. … was enthralled in a museum in Amsterdam
87. … had cabled to the top of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland
88. … had discovered the beauty of Singapore at night and Hongkong in the afternoon 89. … experienced “living” in Kano, Nigeria
90. … had cooked Foo-Foo, Tsire and Pepper Soup as well as Yorkshire Pudding and Queen's Cake
91. … had broken bread with the Hausas, and Ibos of Nigeria

92. … had worked as a HHA, CNA, pre-school cook, - you name it I’ve done it
93. … had worked with a noted Beverly Hills jeweler who let me
94. … ==wear a 12-carat diamond ring for a day (he gave me a .5 ct. instead)
95. … had prepared meals for a consul, a writer, a hotel owner, an actor, before I finally found a "job"

96. … would love to go bunjee jumping and air balloon flying or drive a ferrarri at 200 mph with Ken

97. … had tasted a hundred-dollar-a- plate beef dish for free, thought it's actually in the sauce
98. ... had vacuumed a consul's house
98. … am very secure with my religion, although

99. … I don’t attend mass nor do I recite the rosary on a daily basis

100. .. wish I could go 500 more doing this!!!


Annamanila said...

Love these 100 things about you and I can relate to a few. Like I luv dark, bitter chocolate too and love it more now that I know it's healthy stuff. I wish I can relate about going around the globe ... four times? oooh i haven't gone a fraction of the way.

Looking forward to the next hundred!

chona said...

i so love your 100 random things list ninang.andami ko nalaman about you pa. sobrang inggit naman ako kse nakapunta ka na sa uyropa (europe, hehe)
nung college, pangarap namin ng friend ko mag-back-packing sa europe... sus, hanggang pangarap na nga lang ata...

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing all these interesting things about you. I've learned so many new things about you through this random list. Somehow, I feel as if we've just sat down over coffee and had a nice long chat with one another.

princess said...

Hi, Anna, isn't it funny that we both find bitterness chocolate's own sweetness?
Thanks for bearing with my 100's. With regards to seeing the world - you still have time, Anna!

princess said...

Hi, Chona and Rachel,
Your Lolo Beriong ingrained in my young mind that travelling is very educational. Kahit daw sa likod bahay lang. Maybe that was why I really pushed myself, and your Tito Ed, of course, (and I got lucky naman) to get out of my cocoon and explore. You still have so many years ahead of you. Keep on dreaming and sooner than you think, you're already ahead of your dreams!!!

Rampantheart said...

Nice self introspection!