Friday, December 28, 2007

Something About This Christmas

There was something about this Christmas that was unlike the previous ones. This Christmas, we were richer by another grandson - Matthew. Then, my grandson Jacob started calling me Grannie, and Joshua started saying his second big word - "WOW"! each time he opened a gift. Also, this is Kirby's first Christmas with us. Unlike the previous years when we used to spend Christmas Eve with friends, this year, I spent it with Patrick and Mylynn as they started a new tradition for their children: opening our gifts on Christmas Eve in our finest PJs!
Christmas day is still spent with friends and relations all gathering in our home.


Heart of Rachel said...

I could just imagine how cheerful it was watching the kids open their Christmas presents.

Wow, that is a big Bumblebee. Yohan is admiring the pictures now. :)

princess said...

Patrick kept saying (as the kids were unwrapping their gifts) "I never had such toys when I was your age!" "But you had two dogs" I would barge in and we would all be laughing! Yes, it was a happy Christmas eve, Rachel. It would be so nice if the boys and Yohan could spend Christmas together.

KK aka Tina said...

Aw! What handsome grandsons, you lucky grannie :) .