Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas, Oh, Christmas

I was cruising down Fwy 60 on my way home, when on the radio, my attention was caught by a father, or son , calling to his family from Iraq. He wanted them to know that he is OK and that he'll be missing them this Christmas. Then Josh Groban started to sing "I'll be Home for Christmas" interspersed with greetings from soldiers overseas to their loved ones here at home. The song ended with a child telling his dad he'll miss him this Christmas.
I always look forward to Christmas. I am happy when I think about Christmas - what with the lights and the bells and the carols and the food laden tables. But Christmas also makes me sad. It also makes me think of those who can not celebrate it the way I do - the soldiers who are in the war zones overseas, the homeless, the abandoned ......
And yet, I can only do so much!
(Josh Groban's new version of that song isn't on YouTube yet. This is the closest I was able to get).


Nancze said...

Hi Princess, I can't enjoy any youtubes right now since my sound is out, but I love that song and so agree with you. I have a really beautiful midi of it I've had on my site and played it so much when my son Cliff was in Afghanistan during Christmas one year. Then he went to Iraq so I know the pain. Hope you are staying cozy and will have a great Christmas. I am grateful to have become friends! Love and ~hugs~

Heart of Rachel said...

Josh Groban renders a beautiful version of that song. When I think of those people, I realize how lucky I am to have my family with me.