Sunday, December 09, 2007

Goodbye, Bagoong, Alamang and Patis!

I went to see a doctor yesterday. A friend came back from his vacation with a jar of bagoong for us. I haven't eaten this delicacy for years fearing that I might break into rashes again. But the jar kept teasing me everytime I open the ref, and, before I knew it, I had succumbed to my weakness!
That was about 10 days ago. First I noticed a bump on my forehead. Naturally, I scratched on and around it. Then my neck itched. And before I knew it I was scratching all over! Hubby bought me an anti-itch cream and a packet of allergy pills. It worked for a time, but then the itchiness came in and went almost at a rhythmic interval. Last Thursday morning I noticed that my scratching was making a toll on my skin so I suggested to hubby to please make an appointment for me so I could see my primary doctor. Whoever he talked to suggested I go to Urgent Care instead since the closest appointment I can get with my doctor will still be on the first week of January next year!
I confessed to the doctor what I had done and she emphatically ordered me to stop eating anything with bagoong or alamang or even patis! I will just have to really settle with soy sauce!
I was prescribed two sets of medication that really knocked me down. I slept and slept and slept and still feeling sleepy as I am typing this.
But the itching is gone!


WritingThoughts said...

I'm sorry that you had an allergic reaction!

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better now.

Nancze said...

Hi Princess, I am so sorry about the rash, but am so glad you have something and the itching has stopped. I can only imagine how miserable you must feel. Oh a Wii is a game system like Playstation 2 or XBox if you've heard of those. It's very interactive I loved the bowling we played. It's expensive too, so no Wii for me! lol. Sending lots of love and ~hugs~

julie said...

My, that sure is not a good thing, especially for us Pinoys who so love these things! At least, you would be able to control the salt intake, if its any consolation.

I tagged you Tita Princess, hope your pc is now functioning well.


Take care!

chona said...

naco ninang, ansarap pa naman ng bagoong! lalo na kung may manggang hilaw or inihaw na tawilis!
buti naman you're feeling better na. :)

princess said...

Thanks to you all: Writing Thoughts, Nancze, Chona and Julie. Thanks to all your concerns. I am glad I am feeling less itchy now. Got to thank my doctor for the almost like sleeping pills she gave me (chuckle). Those pills completely took my mind away from my rashes!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope the rashes have subsided by now. It's sad that you have been asked to refrain from eating bagoong, alamang and patis. I know how much these flavor enhancers mean to us Filipinos. That's okay, at least you won't be bothered by any more similar allergy attacks. Take care!