Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blog and Get Paid

While waiting for Tiger to putt, I thought of opening my inbox and to my surprise there was a mail from saying that my blog has been approved. I was caught by surprise. I didn't expect it that soon. In four days, maybe. But there it was, and I was so excited.
A blogging friend, Yvonne, was the very first blogger who gave me the idea of writing and getting paid to blog. I didn't get enough courage to even try for fear of finding my blog not worthy of any renumeration for blog advertising. So when I saw that logo of a guy smiling atop a bicycle and appearing to be happily inviting everyone to advertise on blogs, I thought "Why not."
The sign-up procedure is in simple, and easy to follow steps. And, if one has any questions in between steps, there is a direct link to the FAQs. All that one has to do is write an opinion article about advertiser campaigns that will send to one's account (e-mail or admin panel). Taking a cue from a personal experience, please be advised to read and adhere to's set of rules. Once a post is approved, payment is sent directly to one's PayPal account.
I better not wait any longer. Christmas is almost here.
I wish myself "Good luck!"


John said...
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Heart of Rachel said...

Good luck Tita Prency. Hope you get plenty of good opportunities.