Monday, November 26, 2007

An Unwanted Break

I am taking an unwanted break from posting to my blog due to some glitzes in my computer. I'll be back after I've found and solved the causes of why an error message pops out each time I open my posts forcing me to close my computer even before I could read the first title! I hope this one publishes. Update: Yes, I was able to publish this post but as soon as I went to view it a "Runtime error" message pops out. Can someone please tell me why this happens and what I can do to solve this bugging problem? Thanks.


julie said...

I am so sorry about this Tita Princess. Hope everything will be ok. Will ask hubby if he knows what this is all about when he comes home tonight.

To add more headache, I am taggged you to do this meme:

Its ok if you will not do this yet because of your computer glitches.

Take care po! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Tita Prency. Sorry to hear about your problem. I experienced the same thing on my blog recently. When I tried accessing my blog at Keats' PC, I got the "Runtime error" message too. Same thing at Monet's computer. However, when I checked my blog at home, it was running perfectly well.

I'm not 100% sure but I think Internet Explorer users may have problems accessing selected blogs. If you're using IE, I suggest you start using Firefox. Ever since I changed to Firefox, I haven't used IE again.

princess said...

Hi, Julie and Rachel, Thanks for your concerns. I tried downloading Firefox and I think (as of this moment) I can continue blogging. Happy weekend to both of you and please don't get tired of helping an old low tech tita like me, OK?
Hugs and kisses to you both!

Heart of Rachel said...

Yehey! Glad you're back. Wishing you stress-free blogging from now on. Take care!

julie said...

Glad to know your computer is ok now, Tita Princess. Hubby said if ever you get problems like that, you restart your computer. Firefox is more efficient than IE, I have experienced that when I tried to go online in internet cafes.

Have a great week :)