Friday, November 02, 2007

What's To Eat? (Once upon a time - IV)

Food and Filipinos are very interrelated. Everything that happens to a Filipino is celebrated around and with food. If there is a new child, with food, the family gather around the new mother. Families spend hours and hours planning the menu for a birthday, or a graduation, engagement, wedding, anniversary, even death, and yes, funeral. If you happen to visit someone, the first question asked is: "Have you eaten?" Even if the answer is yes, the host is still expected to prepare something to serve the guest. It is unacceptable not to.
And this custom hasn't changed a bit - I found out during my last vacation. For 6 whole weeks, my family and friends never gave me a chance to forget FOOD!!!


Annamanila said...

Food, fiesta food, comfort food, food adventures. You happy? Let's eat. You frustrated? Let's eat. You in love? Let's eat. You out of love? Let's eat.

Youre right on target Princess with your premised about food and the pinoy psyche.

chona said...

haay. ansarap talaga kumain. buti na lang mejo mabilis metabolism ko kaya kahit matakaw ako di mashado tumataba.

Princess said...

Anna: malungkot talaga ang pinoy kung walang pagkaing nakikita, tama ba ako?

Chona: Nakakinggit ka naman, talaga!