Monday, November 05, 2007

Another great Monday

A plethora of pictures went flashing before me as I was driving to work this morning. My grandkids looking bigger and taller each time they come to visit; my sisters' non-stop family updates on the phone; Ed meticulously doing his mise en place for his special lomi; the image of a 4th grandchild - (a granddaughter's face kept popping); the garage door - did I remember to close it or did our neighbor come, close it and leave a note that I didn't - again; would my lesson plan fit the mood of my students and because of the added hour to their sleeping time, will there be no tardies? I still had several frames to finish when I noticed I had only half a mile before my exit! Suffice it to say - I had a great day! A former student, Jessica, came and demonstrated a meal. She happens to be a cousin to one of my newest cross-tracking students, Lisa, and when Lisa told her that I am the teacher she volunteered to do a demo in one of my classes. Jessica practically took over the whole period with an added bonus - a taste of her wonderful dishes - Mixed Baby Greens in Raspberry Vinaigrette; Bacon Wrapped Roulade of Chicken with Asparagus, Roasted Pepper, Baby Spinach and Duxelle of Olives; Pasta in Carbonara Sauce; Apple Crisps and Tartlets of Chocolate and Cream. But the kids had the greatest time!


Annamanila said...

I am new grandma and it's true ... the face of my gorgeous grand daughter keeps popping in my head and it's all i can do not to fly home and to heck with work. :)

Awww you are a cooking teacher. I love to cook but couldn't master more than 3 or 4 recipes.

Maybe it's not too late to be a kitchen wiz, ha. Will count on you, Princess for tips. :)

Princess said...

Nakakaloka talaga ang mga apo, ha Anna?
Well, teacher, oo, but I'll try my best to satisfy you, pun intended (chuckle)